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13 Fairway


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Cell: 083 822 7756

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Absolutely superb - hospitality was outstanding.
Although we booked the cheapest rooms (backpackers option), we were invited to upgrade to a "better" room at the same price. The personnel at this fantastic venue was wonderful, friendly and very helpful. Should the need arise for visiting through this beautiful area, I will certainly make use of them if necessary.

Kerry & Husband

What I loved most about Sani Window Underberg and it's people were how they lived their Christian values and how they use that to touch their world in a positive and valuable way. Keep it up guys.

Isabelle Rorke

The management at Sani window are not just super friendly....they have been amazing in accommodating my family....even before we got here. Dianne was a super fantastic hostess and created a little home away from home for us! The views are breathtaking....and with the snow it is truly a winter Wonderland...our first visit at Sani window was when the leaves were turning colour which also was a beautiful sight on sani window grounds. The rooms are lovely & large. Electric blankets and heaters in the bedrooms make it cozy. Will definitely be back here!

Gill Thomson

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